Written Testimonials


What an amazing experience to go to Dr. Koeppel’s office! I honestly have hated going to the dentist all of my life. Now that I am getting older I am starting to realize how important it is to take care of myself and finding a good dentist was something I just needed to do. Not only did I find an amazing dentist who actually cares about the patients and enjoys working with you to help reach your goals in making you feel better about your smile but his whole staff is also amazing.

I actually said to him, “what is it a requirement to work here that you have to be awesome?” I said it because I meant it. From the front desk to every single person I’ve come in contact there they all amaze me. I will be recommending everyone I come in contact with to use Dr. Koeppel because I am literally amazed at what I have learned about my teeth and the steps I need to be taking at home to keep a beautiful smile.

No dental office that I have ever been at cared so much to explain every detail with you and take their time with every procedure. I believe they deserve more than 5 stars! Do yourself a favor and at least go down there and meet these wonderful people.

-Stephanie K.

Dear Dr. Koeppel,

It has been several years since I first walked into your office. I was a walking dental nightmare complete with neurological problems, TMJ, and severe sleep apnea. If all that weren’t bad enough, my poor teeth were disintegrating from my acid reflux and old bridge that was my front teeth was being briefly held in place with dollops of crazy glue…. That bridge would fall out of my mouth with a mere sneeze, and my days of enjoying a crisp apple or fresh corn on the cobb were over…. And then, while surfing the web one day, I happened upon the Smile Dream Maker…. Dr. Ira Koeppel….The before and after pictures of your cases were remarkable…. Could this be the miracle that I was praying for?

You explained in detail everything that would be done. The testing was intensive…Both to correct my bite and to correct the TMJ…Later there was more testing to create the appliance that would help my sleep apnea… I knew that this entire restoration would take at least 3 years and I was willing to see it through… I am so glad I did. The headaches, tinnitus, facial pain, neck and shoulder pain are gone. I no longer fall asleep while driving or even sitting in your very comfortable dental chair. I can smile again and even little children have told me that my smile is beautiful.

Thank you so much for all you have done for me. My life has been enriched through this encounter and I am honored to share my experiences with your prospective patients.


-Denise L. Bellingham

I had an implant placed. Before that, reading all the material, made me a little nervous of what could happen. I am a business mad and the pain factor was a big issue. At the procedure and after there was less pain that having a cavity filled. After the implant, I felt nothing and chose to favor that side when eating to protect the implant site. There was no blood, no pain, no nothing!

I would highly recommend Dr. Koeppels office to anyone, as they did a great job! I also strongly suggest listening carefully to the follow up instructions.

Don’t be mislead with the cheap implant deal, you wont get longevity of the implant! You also wont get the custom fit teeth that will last longer, look and feel better.

-Russ Sowers

Dear Dr. Koeppel,

            I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my new smile. Its hard to believe how I looked before. I feel so much better about myself.

Please thank your office staff for the wonderful treatment they gave me there. We had so much fun! I felt I was with old friends. From hand holding to foot massage, blankets and pillows, coffee and cookies, it was all great. 

To me, the best part was achieving these perfect results- with no pain. I thank you for treating me with so much concern and patience. Your work is impeccable and the results speak for themselves. 

Your friend,
Lynn Paterson